parkdale united church

429 Parkdale Avenue, OTTAWA, Ontario K1Y 1H3

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Sunday, January 20

  10:30 am    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gospel Service with

Imani Gospel Singers from Montreal

12:00 Noon  Book Club-Ladies Parlour

12:15 pm     Junior Choir-Sanctuary


Tuesday, January 22

  9:30 am      Bible Study-Ladies Parlour

 7:00 pm      Ministry Outreach & Justice-Ladies Parlour


Wednesday January 23

   10:00 am    Prayer Group-Ladies Parlour

    7:00pm    Membership Class-Ladies Parlour

    7:00pm    Finance Meeting –Friendship Lounge


Thursday, January 24

    7:00 pm   Choir – Ladies Parlour

    7:30 pm    DaleSong-Sanctuary


Friday, January 25

    2:00 pm   Prayer Group Living with Cancer – Alcris’ Office 

   7:00 pm      Images & Stories-Ladies Parlour


Saturday, January 26

   2:00 pm    In From the Cold-Tape Hall

   9:00 am    Property Development Working Group Invitation to the



Sunday, January 27

  10:30 am             Morning Worship Service –Sanctuary

 12:00 Noon          Coffee Shop-Friendship Lounge

 12:15 pm              Junior Choir-Sanctuary

 1:00-3:00pm         Basketball Memorial Hall


Monday, January 28

 7:00 pm      Baptismal Seminar-Ladies Parlour


Tuesday, January 29

  9:30 am     Bible Study-Ladies Parlour

 7:00 pm      Council Meeting-Ladies Parlour


Wednesday, January 30

  10:00 am    Prayer Shawl-Ladies Parlour


Thursday, January 31

   7:00 pm    Choir – Sanctuary


Friday, February 1

2:00 pm  Prayer Group Living with Cancer – Alcris’ Office 


Saturday, February 2

      2:00 pm     In From the Cold-Tape Hall




February 1-3         Worshiplude (Senior youth and young adults)

February 10           Junior & Senior Youth Groups

February 15-18      Ontario Youth Parliament (Senior Youth)



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