parkdale united church

429 Parkdale Avenue, OTTAWA, Ontario K1Y 1H3

Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey

 Anthony brings to the senior minister position at Parkdale United Church a rich and varied background. He is originally from Barbados and grew up with his siblings and parents in and around the Montreal area. While growing up he acquired a wide range of ministry and volunteer experience with church, parachurch and community development-type organizations.

Anthony has academic degrees in social work, theology, philosophy of religion and ethics and culture. He has training in hospital ministry and has taught pastoral counselling at the McGill University joint theological colleges and at the theological college of the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

He, his wife Wendy and their children came to Parkdale from a six year ministry experience as overseas personnel (missionaries) to Jamaica, with the United Church of Canada's Division of World Outreach. This was a most blessed and transformative experience of service to God for all of them. Anthony also served for a brief time in Kenya, East Africa.

Rev. Dr. Bailey is working to strengthen the life and ministry of Parkdale United. He has a vision to see this congregation cultivate a greater and broader sense of hospitality, a deeper passion for biblical knowledge and encounter, an opportunity for rich and meaningful worship experiences and relevant teaching and discussion, and a palpable commitment to reaching out in love and with justice to the surrounding neighbourhood as well as the wider global community. He strongly believes that God continues to have mighty things in store for this congregational family and its ministry. He invites you to join us in this exciting journey of faith and service.


On Dec. 24th,2010,the following interview with Anthony Bailey was broadcast on CBC Radio in Ottawa.  This has also been posted on the CBC Radio website:
CBC Ottawa Morning Interview Dr. Anthony Bailey talks about Christmas Eve services and their impact.


Nelson Mandela Square - Ottawa Nelson Mandela Square - Ottawa

"The City of Ottawa dedicated the square in front of Ottawa's historic city hall on July 17, 2014 to honour Nelson Mandela . This is the celebration that took place."

Produced by Stuart Cryer (Duration 5:23 minutes)

In November, 2011, the following interview with Dr. Bailey was broadcast on CTV Ottawa and was made available on their website.
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In May,2010,the following interview with Anthony Bailey was broadcast on TVO.  This has been posted on YouTube:
TVO Interview Dr. Anthony Bailey talks about his background and commitment to the church.

In June,2008,Anthony Bailey was interviewed at the Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis.  These two interviews have been posted on YouTube:
Part 1 Dr. Anthony Bailey of the United Church of Canada talks with Peter Wallace about church worship, philosophy of liturgy, and preparing for worship.
Part 2 Dr. Anthony Bailey of the United Church of Canada talks with Peter Wallace about his sabbatical which focused on how traditional and emergent churches are working together (including the New Monastics at work in inner cities).