parkdale united church

429 Parkdale Avenue, OTTAWA, Ontario K1Y 1H3

Christianity 101

Are you interested in engaging the basics of Christianity in an inviting way? Do you have an appetite for a deeper experience of what it means to be a follower of Jesus?

Are you curious about what the Christian faith has to do with you and how you live out your life?

Do you happen to be a long-time Church-goer who wants to refresh your undestanding of god and of the faith?

Are you considering becoming a member of Parkdale United Church?

Then this may be the very thing for you.

Four-week video and group discussion series are held regularly at the church. You are welcome to join us for an engaging and blessed faith growing experience.

Information about the next session are available from the church office.

Brief series on the fundamentals of the Christian faith are also held regularly. These series take place over four Wednesday evenings. These sessions are open to all, but serve as neccessary preparation for those wishing to be received as mmembers by affirmation of faith or re-affirmation of faith.

Contact the church office for more information