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Sermons 2017

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12/31/2017  What Are We Waiting For
12/24/2017  God's Most Important W
12/24/2017  Christmas Eve Family Service
12/24/2017  There is something about Mary
12/17/2017  Now This is Our Testimony
12/10/2017  Speaking Tenderly
12/03/2017  O That You O God Would...
11/26/2017  Surprise !
11/19/2017  Dr. Tony Campolo - Love Transforms the World
11/12/2017  More Than Meets the Eye
11/05/2017  Both Abiding and Reforming
10/29/2017  Our Book of Memories
10/22/2017  Render Unto God
10/15/2017  Idols, Idols, Idols
10/08/2017  The Value of Knowing Christ Jesus
10/01/2017  United in Christ
09/24/2017  Suck it up and Get with God's Purpose
09/17/2017  Ya It's Hard; So Let's Do Hard
09/10/2017  Come to Jesus
08/20/2017  C'mon Joseph, Come Clean
08/13/2017  Sharing the Good News
08/06/2017  Grappling for Faith
07/30/2017  Wisdom for All Ages
07/23/2017  This House Will Endure Forever
07/16/2017  The Extravagant Sower
07/09/2017  Living the Dream
07/02/2017  Why Does God Love Me?
06/25/2017  Looking ahead to 2018 - What do Fathers/Dads want on Father's Day?
06/18/2017  The Gift of Laughter
06/11/2017  Resting For God
06/04/2017  The Miracle of Pentecost-Then and Now
05/28/2017  Jesus Cares
05/21/2017  Where the Spirit of the Lord is....
05/14/2017  The Way, the Truth, the Life
04/30/2017  Jesus Himself Walked Along with Them
04/23/2017  The Story That Scars Can Tell
04/16/2017  Tavian Hamer-Wilson singing his solo: "Conspiracy"
04/16/2017  The Divine Gardener's Conspiracy
04/14/2017  The Price of Sacrificial Love
04/09/2017  Save, I Pray
04/02/2017  That You May Believe
03/26/2017  Insight that Incites
03/19/2017  Please Give Me That Living Water!
03/12/2017  The Winds of God
03/05/2017  A More Desirable Temptation
02/26/2017  Forming Disciples Who Give and Receive
02/19/2017  Jesus words for an anxious people
02/12/2017  When Life Chooses Us
02/05/2017  Spending Ourselves
02/04/2017  Worshiplude - All You Need is Love?
01/22/2017  For This we Are Made
01/15/2017  Can Anything Good Come From There?
01/08/2017  Getting Wet and Living Wet
01/01/2017  Named