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Sermons 2018

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12/24/2018  God is making our Love Braver
12/23/2018  Just Magnify
12/16/2018  Rejoice!
12/09/2018  What Kind of Preparing?
11/25/2018  It has to be About Truth!
11/18/2018  Are We There Yet?
11/11/2018  What Happens When we Fail
11/04/2018  Radical Perpetrators of LOVE
10/28/2018  Eleventh Hour Workers
10/21/2018  What do you want me to do for you?
10/14/2018  The Testimony of a Dried-Up Brook
10/07/2018  Testing, 1-2-3, Testing
10/01/2018  Frank Iacobucci- Canada and Indigenous People: Toward a Better Relationship
09/30/2018  Reflections and Conversation on Reconciliation
09/23/2018  Got Wisdom?
09/16/2018  Having in Mind the Concerns of God
09/09/2018  Talk and Humble Walk
09/02/2018  Why, Who, Then and Therefore!
08/26/2018  Praying for Each Other
08/19/2018  Why we don't lose Heart
08/12/2018  Be Quick to Listen
08/05/2018  Praying for Others
07/15/2018  What Freedom is Not
07/08/2018  The Irony of... 'But Not'
07/01/2018  Telling the Whole Truth
06/24/2018  Maybe Fear is the Real Storm
06/17/2018  As Much as We Can Understand
06/10/2018  Food, Glorious Food
06/03/2018  Seriously, It Is Not Us!
05/27/2018  What Can We this time?
05/20/2018  Being Blown Away
05/13/2018  But we are 'of' the world!
05/06/2018  Where are 'We' Being Born?
04/29/2018  Abide In Me
04/22/2018  Jesus the Earth Shepherd
04/15/2018  Be a Treasure-Hunter for Truth
04/08/2018  What's Your Nickname?
04/01/2018  Do Not Be Fooled
03/25/2018  Borrowing
03/18/2018  Which Jesus Do We Long to See?
03/11/2018  Coming To Jesus at Night
03/04/2018  When All 'Heaven' Breaks Out
02/18/2018  A Second Chance for New Year's Failed Resolutions
02/11/2018  When We Don't Know What To Say
02/04/2018  Have You Not Heard?
01/21/2018  Then Called Jonah a Second Time
01/14/2018  Search and Rescue
01/07/2018  Keep on Coming