Appendix A: Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

To form followers of Jesus in such a way as to transform our community and our world.

Our Mission

Parkdale’s congregation will respond to God’s call and Jesus’ teachings by:

  • Uniting in joyful worship as an act of praise and gratitude, for inspiration and guidance
  • Providing learning opportunities for the Christian way of life and to enhance Biblical literacy
  • Supporting one another through pastoral care and concern
  • Reaching out to people in need
  • Promoting justice
  • Praying for guidance, wisdom, and support.

Our Values

As a community of faith we strive to live out the following values:


  • We are a caring Christian community that supports the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those participating in our ministries
  • We help to meet the needs of our local and world communities
  • We nurture and support our ministry personnel, staff, and lay leaders


  • We treat everyone involved in our ministries with fairness, equity, and respect
  • We strive to involve all participants in our congregation in the decisions that affect them
  • We seek opportunities to share our common quest for the meaning of life with other Christians and with persons of other faiths
  • We recognize the goodness of God’s creation and will use our environmental resources respectfully

Working Together

  • We believe that what we achieve together is stronger and has more impact than our individual efforts
  • We value the talents, experience, and passion of all who participate in our ministries
  • We recognize the value of collaboration and actively nurturing partnerships


  • We listen and learn, as we endeavour to improve the quality of our ministries
  • We support our ministries with our time, talents, and financial resources
  • We provide a safe, secure environment for our ministries
  • We strive to make everyone welcome in our congregation
  • We seek to be a blessing to the neighborhood in which we live

Appendix B: Parkdale's Governance Structure

Appendix C: Council Structure and Membership


Ministry Personnel

Past Chair


Committee Chairs

  • Communications
  • Faith Formation & Christian Enrichment
  • Finance
  • Membership Development & Rolls
  • Mission, Outreach & Justice
  • Ministry & Personnel
  • Pastoral Care
  • Property Trustees
  • Recruitment & Succession Planning
  • Stewardship
  • Worship

Members-at-large (2)



  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Representatives to Presbytery

Appendix D: Council Meeting Agenda

 We Come Together

  • Welcome
  • Agreement on the agenda

We Grow in Faith and Consider Our Mission

  • Devotions and theme discussion

We Steward our Ministries

  • Review of the last meeting
  • Acceptance of the minutes of the last meeting
  • Business from the last meeting
  • Highlights and questions on written reports
  • Committee reports
  • Treasurer’s report
  • New business
  • Correspondence

We Look Ahead

  • We communicate our work with the Congregation
  • Theme for the next meeting
  • Reflection and prayer
  • Adjournment


Appendix E: Format for Proposals to Council

  • Title/Subject of Proposal:
  • Submitted by:
  • Date:
  • Outline of objectives of the proposal:
  • Theological/Biblical/Mission Statement Rationale/Justification:
  • Financial Implications:
  • Source of Funding:
  • Staffing Implications:
  • Implications for other committees/groups:
  • Which other committees or groups might be affected by this proposal?
  • What is the outcome of consultation with these committees/groups?
  • The Motion:

Appendix F: Code of Confidentiality


In recognizing that the safeguarding and proper use of confidential and personal information is an essential part of a healthy community, and to promote the continued growth of faith, love, trust and respect in Parkdale United Church, this code governs all who work or volunteer in our church. This includes, but is not limited to, staff and members of Council and its Committees.

Basic principles:

  • Confidentiality is based on four basic principles:
  • Respect for an individual’s right to personal privacy.
  • Respect for human relationships in which sensitive or personal information is shared.
  • Appreciation of the importance of confidentiality to both individuals and the United Church.
  • Expectation that those who pledge to safeguard personal or confidential information will honour their commitment.

Confidentiality in its broadest form involves the exercise of discretion in either safeguarding or sharing information about an individual.

Pledge of Confidentiality:

I understand the basic principles underlying this code, and pledge to act with integrity and discretion in maintaining and respecting the confidentiality of all information which comes to me, or to which I have access as a result of carrying out my duties, responsibilities or activities in Parkdale United Church.


It was agreed at the time of approval that the Code of Confidentiality will be regularly reviewed

by Council and amended as required.


Approved June 26, 2012