Communications Committee


The Communications Committee will facilitate open communication between Council, Ministry Personnel, the Congregation and the community.


  • Chair
  • The Messenger Team Lead
  • Parkdale Webmaster
  • Publicity Representative
  • eNewsletter Editors
  • Members and adherents of the Congregation

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Maintaining a variety of communication tools in order to publicise and promote Parkdale’s services, events and activities to a diverse audience both within the church and within the neighbouring community.

  • The Messenger: The Messenger is a printed, monthly newsletter that contains, among other things, a message from the Minister, articles submitted by members of the congregation, highlights of events that took place during the past month and notices of upcoming events. The Messenger has been an integral part of Parkdale’s life for many years.
  • Website: The objective of the website is to make it both a useful tool for the congregation and something the community accesses to learn about Parkdale and its many activities.
  • Social Media: Both Twitter and Facebook are being used to promote Parkdale.
  • eNewsletter: The eNewsletter is an electronic, monthly newsletter that is emailed to the congregation to promote the next month’s activities and highlight special Parkdale news.
  • Signage: The Communications Committee is responsible for purchasing outdoor signs and banners to promote Parkdale’s events, indicate parking lots, mobility challenged parking, etc.

2. Promoting Parkdale events that are open to the public, such as the Rummage Sale and the Yuletide Bazaar, by:

  • Sending notices to churches, schools, the media, community websites, etc.;
  • Posting notices in the neighbouring community; and
  • Maintaining a publicity database of contact information.