On the evening of March 26, 2010, Parkdale United Church hosted the Ottawa launch of a great new book, Sugar Boy: The story of Cedric Titus and Jamaican cane farmers,

co-written by our very own Faye Beaufort and her mother.  In her inviting introduction, Faye writes, “Our hope is that this book will help our young people to realize that it is possible to rise from humble beginnings and make a difference in their own lives, as well as in the lives of others.”

At the launch event, approximately 150 guests savoured delicious soup and appetizers.  The evening’s official program began shortly thereafter.  Special guests included Her Excellency Sheila Sealy-Monteith, Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Canada, His Excellency Evelyn Greaves, Barbados’ High Commissioner to Canada, and award-winning poet Anthony Bansfield.  Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey was the Master of Ceremonies.

Edited by Ewart Walters of The Spectrum newspaper, the book tells the true story of Faye’s father, Cedric “Sugar Boy” Titus, who played a key role in building the new Jamaican nation in the early part of the twentieth century.  As a person of faith, Cedric’s goal was to serve his fellow Jamaicans through all of his God-given talents and skills.  Sadly, the untimely death of this renowned cane farmer advocate slowed labour relations progress in his beloved homeland. 

Thanks to his loving wife and daughter, his captivating story is laid out in this wonderful book for all to enjoy.

Sugar Boy is a quick read, with flowing personal accounts from various contributors and a collage of family photos.  By the second chapter, one is mightily impressed by all that Cedric accomplished during his multi-faceted career.  It almost feels as though we have met Cedric in person.

Later in the book, one is not surprised to learn that a school has been named in honour of this gifted, energetic servant of the Jamaican people.  You are invited to help to support  Cedric Titus High School, in Clark’s Town, Jamaica, by purchasing a copy of the book (price: $20).  A portion of the proceeds from the book sales will go towards the school’s literacy project.  For more information, please speak with Faye Beaufort or send an e-mail to

In closing, Faye, please accept Parkdale’s heartfelt congratulations on the publication of your well-written book.  How sweet it is that you and your mother have preserved the legacy of this remarkable man!

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Hennessy