We were delighted to have had so many of you join our last Images & Stories on Jan.29th and even more delighted to have a few enquiries on how to donate to the Veteran’s building which, on the day of our I&S, started to house 40 of our 80 veterans who are homeless here in Ottawa.

(1) MHI has established a Parkdale United team page: Here is the link – If you give online on this page, your donation will automatically be counted towards Parkdale’s contribution to the United We Stand campaign supporting Veterans’ House. Also, you will receive a tax receipt by e-mail soon after you make your donation.

(2) Of course, you may send a cheque directly to MHI indicating on the memo line “Parkdale’s Team – Veteran’s House“. MHI’s address is #206-404 McArthur Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1K 1G8.

(3) Of course, you may go the usual route of writing a cheque to Parkdale United Church also indicating in the memo line “MHI – Veterans House” and the funds will be sent to MHI. Tax receipts for (2) & (3) will be issued  in due course.

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