Our 2021 Lenten Resource.

Each day there will be a devotional written by someone from our congregation -all ages and stages!  You also will find the three biblical passages for the day and a brief bio of the reflector with a prayer.

Please remember to include the writer in your daily prayer.

May God guide us as we walk together.

Available from Ash Wednesday to Holy Week. Delivered online on Mondays, if you don’t have email please send us your home address.      We are happy to include your email address in our list if you have not provided it yet. Please contact the office pdale@trytel.com

For questions contact Rev. Alcris at   alcris@parkdaleunitedchurch.ca


If you want to contribute to Our Camino, here is how…

  1. Choose a day and sign up with Mary McLeod at mcleod.mm@gmail.com to reserve the date.
  2. Read the suggested passages for your day several times and be attentive to the one(s) that particularly speak to you. If you wish, you could reflect on the passages from the perspective of Racial Justice or the Covid 19 pandemic. Just listen and write as the Spirit inspires you.
  3. Prayerfully write the devotional piece and close with a short prayer.
  4. Try for your entry to fit one page.
  5. Please note the deadline for your week is in red font. It is the Wednesday before the start of your week.
  6. Once ready please send it to Mary McLeod at mcleod.mm@gmail.com


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