Property Trustees Committee


The Property Trustees are accountable for the upkeep of the physical assets, building and property, the office facilities and supplies; equipment required by other groups and Committees; and to oversee (coordinate and regulate) the use of church facilities by church and non-church members.


  • Chair
  • Members and adherents of the Congregation up to a maximum of 12 Committee members
  • The Office Manager will attend Property Trustees meetings to provide information of space rentals and other relevant issues as outlined in the job description. This is not an ex officio position.
  • The Custodian will attend Property Trustees meetings as outlined in the job description. The custodian is an ex officio member of the Property Trustees.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Church building and property
  • Maintaining the Church land and building, including the heating, electrical, plumbing, furnishings, security and similar matters.
  • Arranging adequate insurance coverage, including property and public liability.
  • Negotiating and administering of contracts for services related to the management of the building and property.

Custodial Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overseeing (in conjunction with the Church Office Manager) the work schedule of the custodial staff.
  • Taking an active role in the hiring process for custodial staff in conjunction with the Ministry and Personnel Committee.
  • Providing input to the Ministry and Personnel Committee for job descriptions, performance reviews, rates of pay and other matters related to the management of paid personnel.

Room Allocations

  • Overseeing the policy for use of church space, and determining fees.
  • Directing questions related to the use of the Sanctuary and Worship spaces to the Worship Committee.


  • Developing and managing the Committee’s budget.