Stewardship Committee


The Stewardship Committee recognizes that everything we have (our time, talents and treasures) belongs to God and that we are called to use these resources for God’s purposes in the world.  We also recognize that we are called to share these God-given gifts – we give generously because we have received abundantly.

The Stewardship Committee helps ensure that stewardship education is accorded proper emphasis in the work of the Council and in the life of the Congregation. In this capacity, the Committee serves to encourage and help congregants discover and deploy their spiritual gifts in Parkdale’s ministries and beyond; to nurture stewardship formation; to engage the congregation with respect to our spiritual relationship to money and resource consumption; and to challenge the Parkdale community to live with respect in creation.


  • Chair
  • Members and adherents of the Congregation

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Initiating and coordinating a regular awareness and education program to make the Congregation aware of Parkdale’s Mission, and motivate the Congregation to meet the Mission.
  • Working with the Finance Committee to ensure that the Congregation is fully aware of the church’s financial position, and help to develop options for the Congregation’s givings.
  • Liaising with other groups and Committees to generate ideas and initiate projects to fulfill the financial and other resource requirements needed to achieve Parkdale’s stewardship program.
  • Maintaining the Congregation’s awareness of its environmental stewardship responsibilities.
  • Developing and managing the Committee’s budget.