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10:30 AM

Sunday Morning

All of life is or can be worship but Christians everywhere regularly meet to collectively offer to God our thanks and praise. “God dwells in the praise of his people” the scripture tells us and we find this to be true. Worship services at Parkdale are spiritually uplifting and long-time members, as well as new questers, sense the presence of God and often speak of a word spoken, as it were, just for them. Our services include music, prayers of confession and intercession, scripture readings, usually following the common lectionary, and good and thoughtful sermons. These sermons are available online.



The worship service is held every Sunday morning at 10:30am in the Sanctuary. It is followed by a time for fellowship and refreshments in the Memorial Hallway. Everyone is welcome!

Four times a year, the regular service includes a time for sharing in the Eucharist by partaking of the consecrated bread and wine.

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