Worship Committee


The Worship Committee is responsible for the Ministry of Worship, including the Ministry of Music, for all ages of the Congregation and those we seek to draw into our congregation.


  • Chair
  • Coordinating Minister
  • Music Director
  • Choir Representative
  • Members and adherents of the Congregation

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Supporting the Ministry Personnel, the Music Director and others who give leadership in Worship.
  • Planning and visioning regarding Worship in collaboration with the Ministry Personnel.
  • Keeping a pulse on the congregations’ ideas and concerns regarding Worship and the Ministry of Music.
  • Overseeing, in cooperation with Ministry Personnel, the policy on baptisms and confirmations of children and adults.

Participants in Worship

  • Recruiting and supporting participants for the following:
  • Ushering and greeting for Sunday morning service,
  • Lay readers
  • Communion servers and element preparation
  • Audio/Visual technical support
  • Meditation Group
  • Supporting of substitutes in the event of absence (regular or emergency) in the pulpit. (Arrangement done by ministerial staff)

Sanctuary and Worship Spaces

  • Managing materials used in Worship including:
  • Flowers, banners, symbols and decorations in the Sanctuary
  • Miscellaneous liturgical items
  • Approving alternate uses of the Sanctuary and Worship spaces. The church office follows A Policy for Church Facility Use.

Ministry of Music

  • Negotiating and administering the contract with the Music Director.
  • Supporting the Choir, DaleSong and other groups and individuals participating in the Ministry of Music.
  • Planning and visioning regarding the Ministry of Music along with the Ministry Personnel and the Music Director.


  • Developing and managing the Committee’s budget.